30 Dead Beetles Memoir Collage

Memoir collage with antique papers, collage size approx. 10 x 7.75, matted.
Dead Beetles
In our teens, our best family friends had 2 sons, Ricky and Colby. We would travel with our parents to skeet ranges around Germany. Us kids would head off for the day to see where adventure would take us. We climbed hills that looked like the Sound of Music, built a raft and launched it on the Danube, and once in Neu Ulm had a fight with thousands of dead beetles piled along the roads. We managed to tree my sister by chucking them into her waist-length hair. She was mad at us for days. That same weekend, I stepped on a banana slug while running through the woods in my bare feet. It squished between my toes, Karma, I suppose.

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